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'In our music we seek to be honest and at times even expose falsehoods that are promoted widely'.

'Our inspiration is rooted in traditional values'.

The Temporary Residents are an indie band based in London. They craft sounds from different decades and take from folk and classical traditions. 


Patrick (guitarist) is from Jersey in the Channel Islands. He has had a strong connection to music and arts from an early age. His father was a well established movie producer through whom Patrick got to know a lot about the movie and music industry. He moved to London to follow his passion for making music. Prior to moving to London he studied Fine Art in Liverpool where he specialised in painting and drawing, in particular urban landscapes. One of his paintings was chosen to be the front cover of the Jersey Art Centre magazine. His passion for English indie music inspires his songwriting,  alongside his Celtic ancestry where music runs through their veins.


Yulia’s roots originated from a place full of mountains called Kyrgyzstan where she began to immerse herself into singing, dancing and performing on stage from a very early age. She moved to live in The Netherlands where she continued to practice her creative skills and got rewarded with a Dutch Award nomination for her part in ‘Katia’s Sister’ film. She moved to New York to take her acting/performing skills to the next level and has studied acting at one of the most established acting studio’s in Manhattan, T. Schreiber Studio & Theatre. She moved to London where she met Patrick whilst doing human rights activities that raise awareness of human rights abuses in China


The Temporary Residents has contempt for political correctness, but neither do they vote. They have the confidence that they can illustrate injustices in the world through their music. They have a strong sense for what they believe to be upright or warped, and they are not going to shy away from saying it.


‘We live in times where the truth remains elusive and misinformation, disinformation and lies are pushed at us from a multitude of sources. 

We - The Temporary Residents - in our music seek to be honest and at times even expose falsehoods that are promoted widely. Our inspiration is rooted in traditional values and we reject the postmodern ideology of struggle’.